Who am I ?

 Hi, everyone my name is Vicki Moreno. I am married and mother of three beautiful kids. I am a stay at home mom. My daughter Marley is 8 years old (she’s the drama queen) my son Justin is 7 years old (he’s my chatter box) and lastly my youngest son Noah, who is 2 years old. (Terrible two’s master) I have the most hardworking husband he works two jobs as a line cook. Six days a week and is off only one day out of the week. I am very blessed to be able to stay home and care for our family.

It’s tuff what can I say parenthood is the scariest hood ever. No one prepares you for the journey of raising little people. My life is surrounded 24/7 around yelling, fighting, diaper change, loosing my keys, (there always in my back pocket 😩) tantrums x 100,000,000 food stains on my shirts sweating profusely. My cat eyeliner melted and smeared under my eyes. Constantly blotting my sweat with my shirt. Gross but it’s the quickest solution. Being stared by strangers at Target for my yells calling my kids names. At least I have my mother as my side kick. Her name is Lidia she works a full time job and helps me so much after her job comes home to help with her grandkids. Props to my mom she was a single mother raising me. I admire her so much.

I wouldn’t change anything in the world for all mentioned before, but sometimes I feel lonely, sad, worthless, scared. Yeah I also suffer from anxiety and depression. I take meds. And this is why I started this blog. To tell you that it’s going to be okay. I want this blog to flourish and touch one of you with my posts. I am a mom and have so many interest and want to share with you. 

I also freelance I am a Makeup artist. Not published but someone passionate about the art. I love, love doing my makeup and feeling beautiful. In order to be okay you need to love yourself first and take care of yourself to be able to care for others. Something I had to learn. Cooking is also my passion. I love shopping the clearance at Target. Lol… 

I am really looking forward to connect with you. And share my shenanigans on here. Blogging is something I been really wanting to do. I love to write. Although I might miss punctuations and not write properly. I am finally here. My outlet to my routine to be able to write about my ideas experiences and everything that flourishes through my brain. Thank you, from the bottom of my ❤️ and stick around.

Here are my favorite creations.

This is all my family. Hubby, kids Mom and me.

Hola, Vicki Moreno 


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