I am a strong woman

I am a strong woman for my children. They are the purpose of my perseverance. Although they are making me grow green hairs, and stress me out. Even if I get a knot in my throat that makes me want to yell so loud. I cry my eyes out. but I still stand tall.

I am a strong woman because, I have a husband away from home. Him working all day. Feels like I’m raising my children all alone. And I still manage to love him and respect him. Even if I feel lonely and sad. Even if I feel like taking off to another place with my kids. That he will never see us. I stand tall. 

I am a strong woman because, my mental illness does not define me. Depression and anxiety are just evil demeanors that want to destroy me. Yes, I take medication, I need it. It helps me. It does not take it away but it controls it. I can live a normal life. I fight every day. And when I feel like crap, I pray. Yes, I believe in god. I’m not religious. I believe in prayer. He listens.

I am a strong woman because I live in a world full of hate, crime, racism, bullying. a world that has billions of people that can kill with no remorse. A place where I fear my children growing up. I wish to shield them from all troubles. But as long as I can I will be a vicious mother protecting her children.

I am a strong woman because I don’t complain about my life. I expose what my life is. So that others like me can see. That there are others in the same movement. Stand tall with me. We are strong woman.

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