Fried Cheese Tacos (Tacos dorados de queso)

Tacos de queso dorados.

Fried cheese tacos
Do you ever go late to the grocery store and grab items you don’t need? 

Ha! Happens to me all the time. Tonight, I headed out to a local supermarket called Northgatemarket. It’s your typical Hispanic supermarket. Offering hot fresh meals and cooked meats. Fresh baked French rolls and even house made corn tortillas. 

As I came around the tortilla section. The piles of  fresh corn tortilla packages with, even a few steam patches on the plastic bag, from being packed right away. from the tortilla machine.

They come out from a conveyor belt,  and two employees grab the corn tortillas, one by one and stack around 20 tortillas in a bag. 

I suddenly thought when I go home I’m going to make fried cheese tacos.

This recipe is inexpensive and can feed an army. It’s also full filling. Many of the ingredients, I usually have as staples in my refrigerator. I hope you try this recipe and let me know what you think.

I usually calculate 3 tortillas per person. So recipe will be 5 since my family is a party of 5.

  • Corn tortillas- 10
  • Cheese- mozzarella, Monterrey Jack, Havarti or any cheese on hand.
  • 1/2 cup of oil for frying vegetable oil, I used olive oil. 
  • Sour-creme or table cream  
  • Any greens 
  • Hot sauce or salsa

Place a pan on medium heat at the oil. Once the oil start to bubble. Add the tacos to fry. Cut cheese into wedges. Place on half of tortillas fold in half and place in hot oil. 

The corn tortillas I had were fresh so they would not break. 

Usually corn tortillas that are not freshly made at the moment are hard. So wrap the amount you need in a napkin. Place in microwave and let them get a little soft. Or if you don’t use a microwave use a clean pan with nothing on. On low heat and heat until soft. Then presume by placing them in the pan.

Fry the tacos, until crispy. on one side and light golden brown. Then flip and do the same with the other side.

Place them on a plate with a napkin, to drip off any excess oil. That’s it! 

You can add any toppings. Sautéed mushrooms with onions, sautéed spinach serve with a side of rice and beans.

I added spinach and cream and hot salsa.


That was what I had in my refrigerator.

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