Back to school 

My kids start school next Tuesday! YES!

But I’m still home with my toddler. Which is like having five kids. He’s very active and non stop.

I’m going to miss my two older kids. It’s funny, how I tease them that I’m so happy that they are going back to school. They get all upset.

In reality it’s the total opposite. Although they keep me accelerated with my nerves out the roof. They keep me company and make me laugh.

Back to school means waking up early and getting them ready. My kids are spoiled I still help them get dressed.

I Also have to remind them to “brush your teeth,” “comb your hair!” ” were going to be late!”

Also need to get the little one dressed and get all three in the car.

I’m sweating by the time I’m driving to school. I always lecture my kids on the way to school. “keep your hands to yourself,” ” be safe” “nobody is to touch you anywhere” “stand up to bullies.”

I really dislike bullies. Bullying damages self esteem and confidence of kids. Kids now a days are so vulnerable and don’t get help.

I was bullied through elementary and middle school. Due to my weight. But I never had a low self esteem. I brushed it off.

It hurts when my kids come crying after school. Telling me how they get picked on. I promise I will be in that school 24/7 to avoid my kids having a bad day due to a bully.

These bully kids suffer from attention and love. They don’t receive any at home. And expect others to suffer too. It starts at home.

Traffic is terrible to drop the kids off. And I get off my car and walk them to the gate and hug and kiss them. Wishing them a safe happy day.
I always see parents drop their children in the middle of the street. That scares me.

During the day I try to nap with my little one. At least 30 minutes. Then I get ready and run quick errands like market, laundry wash the car.

I also like to go to the mall or Target. Even if I don’t buy anything. I get distracted.

I also plan a quick dinner. I always make the kids a healthy smoothie for after school. They have a great appetite. So the smoothie covers a bit while I’m working on dinner.

Once dinner is finished. We work on homework. Am, I the only one that feels like I’m in school all over again?

Sometimes I just can’t figure out the homework! It’s been so long…

We shower after and watch a bit of tv. They have a cup of milk with a cookie. Brush teeth and head to bed.

For sure the first week is going to be tuff. After staying late all vacation and waking up late. There sleep will be all over the place.

How do you moms prepare for back to school? If you have any tips please feel free to share!

I want to wish all the kids a happy safe school year! 📓✏️🖍✂️📏📎




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