“Life Lately”

I’ve been mia for a minute. I’m telling you back to school routine was no joke. Getting the kids back to a sleep routine was like a pack of wolves hauling all night.

Exhausting!!! Not only that. but not even a week into school. kids got a cold, runny nose, fever. And to top it off. I catched the coodies too. And little guy too. 

Los Angeles, California 

Here in Los Angeles it’s been excruciating hot. Over the 90 degrees and being sick. Not a good combo. 

Can’t even sleep at night the kids are coughing up. It’s hot. The little one is napping during the day and wakes up at 1:00 am and goes back to sleep at 5:00 am.

Life couldn’t be better. How was back to school for you and your family?

Have you ever been sick during summer?

Summer is almost over. What are your plans to end summer? 

Stay hydrated if it’s hot in your part of the world.