It’s been months where, I have been feeling so tired and lethargic with no energy. Even if I have my 8hrs of sleep or more, I still wake up tired. Eager to just sleep and lay down. Yawning through out the whole day.

There was no way to be able to function like that. Specially with my lifestyle. I have to keep up with my three humans. When I would get stuck in traffic in the freeway I will yawn all the way home. One day I was so sleepy that my eyes would literally close. SCARY!

Two weeks ago, I went to my OBGYN. I was concerned about my right breast. I had some discharge and got so worried. I know for a fact that my youngest son just being two years old. I could possibly still have milk. I did not breastfeed any of my children. Bummer! I would had love to I tried with all three and nope. None of them latched and I wouldn’t produce any liquid gold.

She sent me out for a mammogram. The following day, I  go for the mammogram. I’m not nervous or scared. Just freaking out. your breast get flat ironed by the machine literally. They give you your results there. I was suggested to have an ultrasound after. I was a mess afterwards.

At that moment all that ran through my mind was my kids. How were they going to live without me? How was I supposed to tell them that I was going to die?

The nurse called me in again for the ultrasound. I was silently crying. She was quiet too. All I heard was the clicking from the keyboard. And just the monitor being caressed all over the breast. She finally finished and said, “ I’ll be back, I’m going to the radiologist for the results.”

The wait was eternal. I was just laying down and my mind spinning. She came in and sat down. “ you don’t have any visible bumps.” We don’t see anything! “We see some little pockets of fluid but breast always tend to have glands with some fluid in them.”

I went home and was so thankful to god. I was relieved from the fear of being diagnosed with cancer. Ladies it is so important to check your breast. No matter your age. Always self exam. Check for lumps or bums. Discharge, dimpled breast  , inverted nipple, unusual pain. Anything that you have not seen or felt. Please get it checked out.

I also had blood work done at my OBGYN appointment. Apparently to check my hormones.

Three days later. the nurse calls me and lets me know that my thyroid levels were high. And that my doctor prescribed 50mg of Sinthroid. Which treats Hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormone.  And has all the following symptoms.

Major symptoms include fatigue, cold sensitivity, constipation, dry skin, and unexplained weight gain. Anxiety, depression, brain fog, memory loss.

All these years of suffering from mental illness was finally connecting to my physical pain. I’ve been through so much. Being diagnosed with hypothyroidism was like a big light in my health care. I always knew that my body was out of wack.

I was very upset. All the doctors I went through. The frustration of trying to make them understand of what I was feeling joint pain, arthritis moos swing. and all the blood work I had done. And nobody believed me. My suffering isn’t only mentally but physical too.

All the physicians Could it understand my pain. I assumed they thought I was crazy. and all but the “ you have depression!” Diagnosis!

A weight was lifted from my back.

I started the medication. Still I don’t notice any changes. The pharmacist said it could take up to three to four months to notice any improvement.

I wonder how many people are being misdiagnosed? Does anyone here have the same similar problem? Share your story with me. Always be persistent. Nobody knows our body than ourselves.

I am also doing dietary changes. Hopefully the sinthroid will help me improve my energy and I can start moving around more.

I’ve stopped consuming animal protein. For the last three weeks. For health reasons to improve my overall health. I’ll talk about that later. But so far so good.

If you have any vegan recipes I would love to hear them?

Peace and love to all of you🖤

lately, I’ve been saddened by the current tragedies around the world. I pray for everyone of us. Hug your loved ones tight. Forgive and hold no resentment. We don’t know when we can be gone.



Vicki Moreno


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