Goodbye, November

As, we close another month and welcome the last month of the year. I want to share what I am thankful for.


I am thankful for being healthy and alive. Aside from my thyroid acting up. I still haven’t seen a specialist. But I will in December. Glad to be able to care for my family.


The most important in my life is my family. My beautiful children. Can’t live with them and can’t live without them. Lol…. I love my kids so much. My mother and my hardworking husband.


I mean it’s part of survival. Blessed that my family and I have a meal every day.

Roof over our Head

Thankful for a place to live.


Thankful, that I have found the power of Christ in scripture. After procrastinating for so long to open a bible. I now spend a part of my day with the word of Jesus. Slowly, but surely. I am, learning to understand the power of the Bible.


I am so thankful that I started this blog. It took so long for me to start it. I’ve been procrastinating. (Way too long) that’s something I really need to work on! Having this blog. Helps me connect with you and be able to relate on many of life’s lessons and issues.

I, am thankful for you too. For taking your time to read my words.

What are you guys thankful for?

Do we have any similarities?

Happy late thanksgiving!

Let the holidays role in…



Boxycharm Subscription box

Subscription boxes have been so popular in the recent years. I have unsubscribed from many because the product was not enough to even test it out. And many of the samples were repetitive and not of my liking.

I lean towards more to makeup subscriptions, because I can discover new brands and try them before purchasing the full size product.

Most of the subscriptions I have signed up for include five samples varying from skincare, hair products, makeup, lipsticks makeup tools.

A quiz is taken in the beginning to discover you’re skin type, color preference to products. Makeup subscriptions do this to be able to send products to your liking and skin color.

Recently I discovered You guys this makeup subscription is the they offer a month to month or you can pay for a whole year.

They offer four to five full size and luxury size beauty products.

I have received my third box and I am completely in love.

It is worth every dollar. Boxes have a worth of $100 dollars for full size products popular brands included. For only $21 dollars a month.

Another perk I love about boxycharm,is that they reveal the products that will be sent out in the boxes. I appreciate that because just the eagerness to receive the box and to not know what will be packed annoys me.

Knowing what I will be receiving, fills my heart with joy and can’t wait for the mailman to come and drop off my box.

They are very active on their social media. Follow their Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. @boxycharm

I am not being sponsored.

I only will recommend things that I love.

This is the November box I received.

Full size products. I just love it.

Check out there website for more information.



#boxycharm #makeupsubscriptionbox

Nine, Seven and Two

These numbers are the meaning of my life. They are the ages of my kids. These are the folks, I hangout with everyday.

When I became a mom, I never imagined how my life would change drastically. I mean it’s such a 360.

I can’t even remember, the last time I went to take a piss without peeing on my underwear. Or taking a dump with having an audience.

Heck! Sometimes I, don’t remember to brush my teeth. This is how it has been since becoming a mom.

When kids are babies they seem to be more manageable. At some point. Because heck, you already don’t sleep but they tend to sleep and eat and not ask for anything.

Now, all I hear is nagging, yelling, whining, crying, just noise after noise.

Sometimes, I wish my kids would understand how stressful it is to take care of them. To be able to see that Mom is tired. That I, need to sleep for five hundred years. And wake up when they are well behaved.

Then again I was just daydreaming!

Being a parent is a huge responsibility. You stop caring for yourself and care for others who don’t have a clue of their surroundings. And then you are too concerned about how everyone else is doing and you are all broken and ticking like a bomb ready to explode. Or at least that is how I feel.

After being a stay at home for almost 9 years. I have come to realize that. Nobody will care for your kids like yourself.

The dad goes to work and is not concerned of how or what is going on with the children. I can be a broken crying newborn and he doesn’t even bother to ask what’s wrong? I won’t apologize for this but

“men are assholes”

Yes, I said it. And I’m not taking it back.

Our kids are not brought to this world by one person. But by two people who fall in love.

So, man up and take charge of the kids.

Just because you’re a parent don’t treat your wife different. Yeah, she might not look like she did ten years ago. But inside she is tired, broken, lonely, screaming for help.

Yearning for someone’s touch. The need to hear that she’s okay. She’s beautiful. She’s doing great. Momma were in this together.

I tell this to you momma, if you are reading this. We’re in this together. I, feel your pain. You’re tiredness. Your anger. Your loneliness. Parenting is heartbreaking and deadly. But with the grace of god we will make it.

We will raise these little folks and one day look back and cry and say, “oh, how I miss when I couldn’t even!”

If your kid asks you to play tag, play with them. Screw dinner and the pile of dishes.

Yeah, maybe right now we feel trapped and look like zombies. but it will all be worth it. Kids are little for a certain amount of time. Enjoy all the giggles and non sense. And that booger that my son always places on my cheek.

And to those who wish not to be part of this journey? Screw them.