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Subscription boxes have been so popular in the recent years. I have unsubscribed from many because the product was not enough to even test it out. And many of the samples were repetitive and not of my liking.

I lean towards more to makeup subscriptions, because I can discover new brands and try them before purchasing the full size product.

Most of the subscriptions I have signed up for include five samples varying from skincare, hair products, makeup, lipsticks makeup tools.

A quiz is taken in the beginning to discover you’re skin type, color preference to products. Makeup subscriptions do this to be able to send products to your liking and skin color.

Recently I discovered You guys this makeup subscription is the they offer a month to month or you can pay for a whole year.

They offer four to five full size and luxury size beauty products.

I have received my third box and I am completely in love.

It is worth every dollar. Boxes have a worth of $100 dollars for full size products popular brands included. For only $21 dollars a month.

Another perk I love about boxycharm,is that they reveal the products that will be sent out in the boxes. I appreciate that because just the eagerness to receive the box and to not know what will be packed annoys me.

Knowing what I will be receiving, fills my heart with joy and can’t wait for the mailman to come and drop off my box.

They are very active on their social media. Follow their Facebook and Instagram and Twitter. @boxycharm

I am not being sponsored.

I only will recommend things that I love.

This is the November box I received.

Full size products. I just love it.

Check out there website for more information.




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